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Upon clicking Register in your form, you agree to comply with all terms and conditions stated here. The provided Terms of Use are legally binding. If you do not agree, please, leave the Site now.

Site Terms of Use (TOU)
Upon clicking Register in your form, you agree to comply with all terms and conditions stated here. The provided Terms of Use are legally binding. If you do not agree, please, leave the Site now.
This Agreement is between
SportPay International Investmentof Ltd OF
Registered Office Address
100 George Street, London, United Kingdom, W1U 8NU("The Company"), and You ("The Investor") and regulates all principal legal matters which may arise between the Company and the Investor in the due course. Preamble The Investor is an assignee of services which are provided by the Company; The Investor is a consumer of the Company's services and exersises their right to sign in to the own account on the Company's website (the "Site", the "Website").

The Company means the legal entity described above.
Contents of the Terms of Use, contents of the Agreement, the Terms of Use (TOU), the Agreement mean any contents, provided by the Company within or in connection with this Agreement, including all training or other videos, user guides, templates, information subscriptions, digests and other audio or text information, contextually or directly stipulated by this Agreement.
Data means any information provided by yourself or the Company, including statistics, reports and also details obtained by virtue of using the Site.
Software means any program code, (including an object code and a source code) which can be transmitted and/or used for the data interchange between the Site and the Investor.

Company grants a non-exclusive Licence (Right) to the Investor to access and for a conscientious use of the Site in accordance with this Agreement and for the purposes outlined therein and within the Website's Content.
This Licence is provided upon the performance of all terms and conditions of this Agreement, and in compliance with the law of the Investor's country of residence, laws of the Australian Union and international law.
Any assignment of the Licence to a third party is prohibited.
Should it come to the Company's attention that an assignment of such Licence has taken place, the Investor will be disqualified and lose any right to use the Site further.
The Site use is only allowed on condition of presenting the unique username and password, received by the Investor upon their account registration.
The Investor is obliged to to store in full confidentiality, without revealing to a third party, the password, user name and other details which may become necessary for, or can be used by the Site's system.
The Investor must make every reasonable effort to prevent unauthorised use of the Site by a third party through accessing the Investor's details The Investor must not use the Site in a way which at our discretion may be rendered inappropriate, offensive or can otherwise:
Lead to the Site's performance decrease, its Contents perversion or general functionality reduction in any other way Interfere with the service provision by the Company to any other person, partner or Investor, or breach Company's intellectual property rights, or those of another person, partner or Investor.
The Investor accepts that no intellectual property rights may arise either for them or for any other client of the Company by virtue of using the Site, including rights concerning the Site Contents, its Software or any other content, accessible by virtue of using such content by the Investor while interacting with the Company.

Confidentiality Notice
The Company is committed to protecting and ensuring your privacy. We guarantee that any personal data is processed in compliance with existing laws on personal privacy, Australian Privacy Principles (APP) and the Privacy Act 1988, which includes the company's obligation to ensure secure storage and protection of personal data. The company may use any personal data to give effect to this Agreement, and also for marketing and research purposes related to the Site to provide for its due management and development.

The Investor acknowledges and agrees that no Data and/or Company's activity results, which the Company itself may use or is using for the purposes mentioned above, may be appropriated or pretended upon. SportPay International Investmentof Ltd takes reasonable steps to de-identify any personal data, including any confidential information where it is possible to do so prior to using it for the aforementioned promotion, marketing or economic research purposes. The collected data may be transferred to, and stored at, a destination located overseas. It may also be processed by staff operating overseas who work for us or for a third party. The Company will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this Agreement and Privacy Policy. However, the Company may not assume any responsibility for these third parties if they have not been able to comply with set regulations. To get additional information on how we process personal data contained in registration and/or any other information forms, please, read through our Privacy Policy at our website.
The Investor has the right to confirm correctness of the personal information presented by themselves by contacting our client support service.

Prohibition of subsequent modifications
The Investor accepts and agrees that under no circumstances they may modify or alter the Site, take actions with intent to degrade the system, decompile or disassemble any Content on the Site, with or without the use of malicious software, or take any other actions directed at distortion, destroying or substitution of the original Site's content. Equally, any interference with the work of the Site is herein prohibited. No limitation or exclusion apply.

Termination of the Agreement
Whereas the Company does not limit any other rights, it has the right to suspend any clause of the Agreement granted hereby, to terminate any cooperation without giving a prior notice to the Investor in an event of a breach of this Agreement by the Investor.
Upon termination of the Agreement, the Company is under no obligation to return the moneys to the Investor. This extends to the instances when a breach of the granted contractual rights concerning disclosure of transaction particulars, mutual cooperation and financial operations have taken place.
The Investor accepts and agrees that all clauses of this Agreement, not affected by its termination, Articles 3, 4 and 5 in particular, shall continue to be binding upon the parties.

Maintenance, Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability
The Company has the right to change, modify or update the Site occasionally, without prior notice.
The Investor agrees and accepts that they rely on their own judgement and experience exclusively in the decision-making process and while using the Site. Therefore, the Investor acknowledges that no representations or guarantees have been made or given by the Company to them directly, another person or company acting on his behalf concerning the Site's performance or its profitability or preferential expectations, which may be obtained by virtue of using the Site and the related information provided by the Company.

The Investor agrees and accepts the following:
All information at the Resource is provided "as is" and without constituting any sort of a guarantee or representation;
The Company expressly disclaims all implied, expressed or legal representations or warranties in relation to the Site, including those made by third parties.
The Company disclaims any warranties or representations made in relation to the following:
The use of the Site will not violate third party;
The use of the Site will be continuous and impeccable while any other service provided by the Company will also be available at any time or that any defects in the Site's performance will be fixed.
The Site will be fully secured from hacker attacks, DDoS-attacks, viruses, unauthorised access or other malicious or technologically harmful actions, digital codes or programs;
The Site will be compatible and/or will work with any software or third party service.
The Company shall equally not be liable for:
Failures or temporary service suspensions in the service provision, or communication network operation, or the Internet connection which is used to access the Site or for working therein by the Investor;
Failures or temporary service suspensions in service provision, or the Site operation, including any failures caused by the supplier of such services on the Company's side.
Data losses, including any losses or damages of any data volumes and incorrect data transfers which have happened due to internal failures within the Site's system;
The use of the Site by a third party (including any third party, which employs system databases of the Site, using the unique username and the password, received by the Investor upon registration).
The Company will not accept any responsibility for the infliction of harm to health, any incidental, purposive, any direct or indirect losses sustained in any form by the Investor or any other person. The Company does not accept liability for any loss of profit, damaged or lost data, inability to transfer or accept any data, any business interruption or any other commercial losses arising from/related to any use, or inability to use, the Site even if the Company has been notified regarding a possibility of such losses.
The Company also has the right to ignore all facts indicating potential negative consequences in the following cases:
Such consequences that are classed as negative by other countries' laws;
External legislation which may attempt to nullify the force of at least of one of the articles of this Agreement;
The Investor ignored this Agreement.
The Investor agrees to abstain from any negative public statements towards the Company, from any associative inferences drawn in relation to the Company and/or its employees in negative public statements, and also agrees to forbear from taking any legal action, which may result into losses and damages as a consequence to the following:
Any violation of this Agreement by the Investor;
Any use of the Site by a third party to whom the Investor has provided access, regardless it was made voluntarily or involuntarily;
Any use of the Site by the Investor for unlawful purposes (including any instances where a violation of the law in the course of use has taken place).

General Particulars
The Investor accepts and confirms, that they have carefully read all the provisions stated in this Agreement before pressing the Register button, and that this represents the entire agreement between the Investor and the Company.
You get an opportunity to participate in the Skyline drawing of 5 000 000 $ or to use the code immediately and get a chance to receive from 10 $ to 10 000 $. If you do not get anything after using the code, please, try again next time.
The Investor accepts and confirms, that upon adoption of this Agreement, it substitutes any previous offers, negotiations verbal and non-verbal, which could have taken place beforehand between the Investor and the Company and concerned the use of the Site.
The commission of 10% is charged every time you use SportPay International Investmentof Ltd as means of electronic currency exchange.Investor can be denied his Right in writing only.
Commencing on 01.09 all finances in Gold Flow, Inspiration and Money Maker will be invested into real property. Should you wish to transfer moneys from the property plans to the daily payout ones (Glimpse, Ascent) - the finances will be working for three rounds without withdrawal of the principal deposit amount.
You agree that all deposits and transactions are insured by the QBE Insurance Group.
The Investor agrees to use the Company's contact details and legal address for the principal purpose or for mutual processes optimisation only. The Investor also agrees and accepts that they will not use the Company's address and contact details for spam or other private/non-personal advertisement postings, including mailings about other companies' projects and matters, and will not attempt to communicate with the Company's staff members regarding resolution of matters which are not related to this Agreement or Client's investment activity.
You should notify a Company director when your property plan is due to expire (after 4 to 5 cycles). You will have a choice between reserving the property or its full money equivalent available for withdrawal. 5-10% of all gained interest (depending on the investment plan) is available for withdrawal when it expires.
The Investor may only be denied their right in writing.
The Company has the right to carry out actions aimed to increase the Investor's events and trends awareness on the Site. This is done by sending out emails to the Investor's email address containing notifications, information requests, Company news, announcements and other similar information.The Company provides guaranteed income to the Investor employing income sources backed by its activity in the scope of stock exchange trading.The content of the Site may not be considered as any form of legal, insurance, tax or investment advice, appeal or offer. Any information presented at the Site must not be considered as an implied or direct recommendation, or as a such made on behalf of a third party. Under no circumstances, SportPay International Investmentof Ltd accepts liability for any damage, loss or drawdown sustained by the Client consequential to using any information at the Company's Site.
A team leader may transfer or collect funds into a trader collective account upon acknowledgement of the general turnover, lists of participants, volume and produced documents. (The team leader may not receive funds to the payment systems.)
The Parties accept and agree that any cooperation between them is done by a private agreement, which details may not be disclosed to a third party.The Parties accept and agree that SPAM usage by the Investor leads to the termination of the existing agreement without subsequent reinstatement of the Right and Licence.
Successful exercise of the Right may not prevent from further exercise of that or any other right.
All content of the Company's Site completely and automatically corresponds with this Agreement and is subject to compliance by the Parties in the same manner as this Agreement, its additions and new editions regardless of the fact whether or not the Investor has had any notice about them.
If you wish to cease any work with the Company, you are allowed to withdraw 20% of the funds, the remainder shall be distributed among traders and brokers.

This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia. The Parties unconditionally submit themselves to a non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of New South Wales and any other superior Courts which have powers to hear appeals from the New South Wales Courts, should this be considered legally delictual and appropriate.

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